Nucleus Privacy Policy

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Mod Notes and History


  1. [Square brackets] indicate exemptions
    • U indicates users
    • R indicates roles
    • C indicates channels
  2. {Curly brackets} indicate feature requirements
    • P indicates premium


Nucleus stores information about your server needed to function. Below is a list of all data stored:


If verification is used, additional information is stored temporarily in-memory about the user. The complete list is below:


The following data is stored for transcripts:

Transcripts are created when you purge messages or archive a support ticket. They are stored encrypted in a database accessible only with a 64-character code and a 48-character encryption key. We do not store the key, so if you lose the key we will not be able to restore your transcripts.

All transcripts are permanently deleted from our servers after 30 days although you may still view transcripts that are stored elsewhere (e.g. ones which have been exported to Discord). By default, we export all transcripts to your Discord logs.

The data which we store on transcripts can be deleted from /privacy, you must delete exported transcripts or encryption keys yourself as we do not control these.


Mod notes and history

The following data is stored for mod notes:

User warns, bans, joins, etc. are stored for the /mod about command. This is for moderator use only and to view a history of the user’s past events.

This data can be deleted from /privacy

Profile scanning

If moderators scan for NSFW images or banned words in profiles Nucleus stores the following for under a minute:

Additionally, Nucleus stores a one-way hash of the image along with whether it was NSFW. No user data is stored with this hash and it is impossible to reverse it to get the original image. We only store this data to avoid us rescanning images in the future, it is never used (and indeed not very useful) for any other purpose.

Delete my data

Nucleus contains multiple easy way for server staff to delete data.

Any of the following will delete all data about a guild, permanently:

Verification information is only stored in memory and expires after 1 hour

Transcripts are stored with guild data so will be deleted in any of the normal circumstances but can additionally only survive for 30 days on our servers. Staff are strongly advised to keep transcript exports if they wish to view transcripts for longer than 30 days.